If we improve the performance at our local schools, the desire for charter schools will go away

Mary Ellen Cash Priorities

School Safety

School Safety is a lot more than control of the perimeter of the school or detection of weapons. There must be a comprehensive plan, with training and organized practice. School Safety involves all stakeholders in the community.

Competency Based Curriculum

Teachers and students need to be supported with competency-based curriculum. This is important because all students do not learn at the same rate. Effective use of current technology accommodates all learning styles and levels.

Teacher and Administrative Retention and Training

CCPS should nurture its best and brightest staff members and help them to develop to their full potential. The Teacher Academy should encourage our students to come back to their home schools and become a part of shaping the future of the community. CCPS should work with local colleges and universities to support education programs and recruit through BEST PRACTICES in Education.

Fiscal Responsibility

Together we can do better. 52% of Collier County taxes go to our schools. We need better checks and balances and outside professional eyes to review our budgets. We need to shift dollars to reach the classroom.