Mary Ellen Cash Recommended by Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR)

Here is the letter from NABOR

August 23, 2018

Mary Ellen Cash
3670 1st Ave NW
Naples, FL 34120

Dear Mary Ellen:

It is our pleasure to advise you that the Board of Directors has recommended you for support in the race for Collier County School Board District 5.

You share the REALTOR® vision and mission, and you possess a deep knowledge of the issues facing our members, the real estate industry and our community. We believe you will be an asset to Collier County. You may feel free to use our association’s name as a supporter of yours in your campaign and literature. However, please note we do not endorse, we support.

Again, thank you for taking time out of your campaign to meet with us. We are wishing you the best of luck in your race. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Government Affairs, Thank you again for participating in our screening process.

Rick Baranski 2018 President
Naples Area Board of REALTORS®

Cash Will Deliver on Promises – Betty Bailey Letter to the Editor

This letter was published in the print edition of the August 22, 2018 Naples Daily News.

To read it online click here.

Cash will deliver on promises

Our Collier County Public Schools need change and candidate Mary Ellen Cash has the experience and inside knowledge of School Board policies to do the job.

We have a minority-majority school system. This means that 65 percent of our students go home to non-English-speaking households. Cash is certified in English as a second language and wants phonics back in the curriculum. She is for fact-based curriculum.

Fifty-two percent of our property taxes go to the school district and 70 percent of taxpayers do not have children in schools! Our school district has a $1 billion budget for 46,000 students. Lee County has a $1 billion dollar budget and 96,000 students. Cash argued before the board to review the proposed budget and add no new tax increases. The School Board voted to raise taxes $40 million by a 3-to-2 vote in July. She is a fiscal conservative and believes we can do better. She believes in accountability and transparency.

Take the time to look at her website: www.cash4district5. com. Read her personal fact sheet and the letter of reference from CCPS.

Cash is a relationship builder and works hard to serve Collier County in many ways. As a Naples Lion, she does health screenings in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, she works for veterans and scholarships for students. In the Immokalee Chamber of Commerce, she helps raise funds for reading programs and supports community improvement initiatives.

I believe she will accomplish what she promises and more as a School Board member.

Betty A. Bailey, Naples

Mary Ellen Cash Naples Daily News Commentary

Published August 2nd, 2018 in the Naples Daily News.

Read it on their page here

I’m running for Collier County School Board because I want to address the primary excuse our current board and administration use for not performing at higher levels. That issue is non-English speaking students from non-English speaking households.

Collier County Public Schools has the responsibility of educating approximately 46,000 students every year. The statistics show we have a majority-minority school district. This means most of our children live in homes where English isn’t their first language.

I have the experience to address this issue head-on. I spent my career helping at-risk students in this district succeed, enroll in Ivy League schools, become doctors, lawyers, tradespeople, teachers and authors.

I did that by utilizing tactics to produce successful results. We didn’t profile students in reference to overcoming language and home obstacles. We need to develop the talent these young people have and put them in a position to excel. They are bright students who need additional help to overcome language barriers. I have a track record of empowering students to be successful and will bring that experience to the board.

I’m immersed in my community and in helping students and their families overcome obstacles in their lives. I’ve worked primarily in District 5 and with minority populations in Naples. I’m passionate and outspoken about my concerns for these students and families. They deserve an equal education to any student and by improving their education, we improve the whole district.

I’m wholly committed to the community I will represent. No one has a better understanding of the issues in this district. No one on the current board works side by side with people living in District 5. I’m not a long-term bureaucratic administrator. I’m part of the private sector — someone who sees the problem and gives her all to meet that problem head-on. I will cut through the red tape to get to solutions.

I’m running because I believe Collier schools need to focus on policies that will build a school culture where quality and learning are valued.

Collier taxpayers pay 52 percent of their property taxes to the board. The budget is more than a billion dollars and 70 percent of taxpayers don’t have children in schools. The district’s approach has been to raise taxes. We don’t need to raise taxes. We need to be more fiscally responsible. We need to have audits. Right now, there is no accountability.

It is evident that parents don’t trust what is being taught in the traditional schools because of the growth in the number of charter schools (now five) and the number of home-schooled children (about 2,000).

If we include parents, teachers and students more in our planning and assessment conversations, let them feel that we are listening to their ideas and concerns, I believe there eventually will be no need for charter schools. My goal would be to make District 5 schools so inviting and engaging that parents want to move into this district so their children can attend.

Ron Berger said it best in Harvard Education Letter: “Do your best. Most schools embrace this motto without a thought. But there’s a big gap between promoting this message and having a structure that actually helps children to do their best. Too often schools feel like production shops, with students cranking out an endless flow of paperwork. The emphasis is on not falling behind rather than on creating something of lasting value. … The result is a product that is neither creative or memorable. … We need to look beyond our mottos and question what aspects of our school culture inspire and compel students to do their best, and what aspects have just the opposite effect.”

Recommendation Letter from Collier School District

When Mary Ellen Cash left the Collier County School District, this is the glowing recommendation letter that was provided to her.

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92.5 FoxNews Meet the Candidates in Naples

Wednesday – August 1st 5 to 8 pm

92.5 Fox News Radio will hold a “Meet The Candidates” event on August 1st from 5-8 PM.  It will be held at Bayfront Inn at The Bayfront in Downtown Naples. This FREE event will be “Trade Show” style. It’s a chance for the public to stop by, meet you in person and learn more about your stance on the issues.

I want to invite you to be a part of this great evening! There will be food provided, a cash bar and candidates will have a small table setting for 2

Politics in the Park – Join Me and Vote

Join us and meet all of the candidates running for office.

Politics in the Park

I need you to come and vote. We need to win this and can’t do it without you.

Tuesday – July 31st

Naples Conference Center (NABOR)

1455 Pine Ridge Road, Naples

4:30 to 7 pm.

Mary Ellen Addresses the Hard Issues at Forum, Bullying, LGBTQ, Grades

Candidates weighed in Monday night on recently passed legislation that allows public school students who are bullied to use state-issued vouchers, funded by an auto sales tax, to pay for private school.

The bullying measure, called the Hope Scholarship, was introduced by state Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Naples, whose wife is Erika Donalds.

Ryan, Mitchell and Terry clearly stated they oppose the legislation because it encourages the wrong student — the victim — to change schools.

Terry criticized the law as an excuse to expand voucher programs.

Cash’s opinions in the Naples Daily News Story Click Here

Mary Ellen Cash is Endorsed by The Hispanic Vote SW Florida Chapter

July 7, 2018
The Hispanic Vote Political Action Committee, a non-partisan political action committee, is proud to announce the endorsement of Mary Ellen Cash, for Collier County School Board, District 5.

After conducting interviews, the impartial and diverse panel selected, who we believe to be, the most qualified candidate for the position.

Ms. Cash shows that she is supportive of the Hispanic community and The Hispanic Vote supports her campaign for Collier County School Board, District 5, in 2018.


Board of Directors

The Hispanic Vote
SW Florida Chapter


Rafael Lopez


Carmen Salome


Silvia Hasak


David Adorno

Board of Directors:

David Adorno
Blanca Contreras
Veronica Culbertson
Silvia Hasak
Rafael Lopez
Guido Minaya
Jesse Purdon
Belkis Ramirez
Carmen Salome
Maribel Sanchez